AAA, WAAA and National Championships Medallists

These pages include results from each championship considered to be the principle national championships of England or Britain for each year. In addition to the main Championships meeting, usually in early July, the AAA and WAAA organised their championships in other events at separate meetings. Team events were also held, in relays and tug-of-war, but are not yet listed here.

  • 1866-1879 - The Amateur Athletic Club (AAC) Championships
  • 1879 - The London Athletic Club (LAC) moved their Championships to the summer, to rival the mainly-Oxbridge AAC Championships
  • 1880-2006 - Amateur Athletic Association Championships (including women from 1992)
  • 1922-1991 - Women's Amateur Athletic Association Championships
  • 1997 - BAF British Championships, which were stronger than the AAA Championships that year, and have been counted in medal totals on these pages (AAA medals from 1997 excluded)
  • 2007 to date - National or UK or British Championships under various names and sponsors

The AAA was an open championships until 1995 and in 1997, but in 1996 and since 1998 the championships have been closed, with foreign competitors allowed in the 10,000 metres and the marathon (held in conjunction with the London Marathon) but not placed in the championship.

The old "UK Championships" which ran from 1977-1993 was not the principle championships of the year. All medallists from this event may be found on

Track events were over imperial distances until 1968, with metric distances from 1969 onwards.

Similarly, field event marks and heights were recorded in imperial measurements until 1968, with metres used from 1969. In the lists that follow, from 1880 the imperial measurements have been converted to metric according to Bob Sparks's rules and the conversion tables derived from those rules. For the high jump, imperial heights have been converted to the nearest millimetre. For the pole vault the Sparks table for ¼-inch measurements has been used.

Contributors: Ian Tempest, Peter Lovesey, Ian Buchanan†, Martin Rix, Michael Sheridan†, Eric Cowe†, John Brant, Stuart Mazdon.

Championship Records can be tracked from the results, with additional records in heats or qualifying noted as CB. Other records are also annotated: NR - UK National Record; WR - World Record (also an NR); ER - European Record (also an NR).

Dates and venues of Championships   Indoor Championships

Men's EventWomen's Event
60 metres
100 yards / 100 metres100 yards / 100 metres
220 yards / 200 metres220 yards / 200 metres
440 yards / 400 metres440 yards / 400 metres
880 yards / 800 metres880 yards / 800 metres
1 Mile / 1500 metres1 Mile / 1500 metres
3000 metres3000 metres
4 Miles / 3 Miles / 5000 metres5000 metres
6 Miles / 10000 metres10000 metres
10 Miles
120 yards / 110 metres HurdlesSprint Hurdles
220 yards Hurdles200 metres Hurdles
440 yards / 400 metres Hurdles400 metres Hurdles
High JumpHigh Jump
Pole VaultPole Vault
Long JumpLong Jump
Triple JumpTriple Jump
Shot PutShot Put
56lb Weight
DecathlonPentathlon / Heptathlon
2 Miles / 3000m Track WalkTrack Walk
Long Track Walk10000m Track Walk
Multiple Medallists & ChampionsMultiple Medallists & Champions

National abbreviations are as per the current (2015) IAAF standards, with the following additions for historic countries and territories:

CEYCeylon (before independence as Sri Lanka)
FRGWest Germany
GDREast Germany
IREIreland when part of UK (before independence of Eire (IRL))
MALMalaya (before formation of Malaysia)
RHOSouthern Rhodesia (before independence as Zimbabwe)
URSSoviet Union
YUG   Yugoslavia

More detailed results for the AAA Championships from 1880 to 1939 can be found in the NUTS Booklet. This includes:

  • Venue and date for every event, including those held outside the main Championships
  • Top-6 finishers in every final, where known
  • Index of medallists with their club, full name and date of birth, where known
  • Original imperial measurements of field events

Corrections to the AAA booklet can be found here.

Complete results of the AAC Championships, 1866-1879, and the LAC Championships of 1879 are included in the NUTS Publication British Athletics 1866-80 by Peter Lovesey and Keith Morbey, which is available from

Complete results of the main National Championships since 2007 used to be available on the UKA web-site, but UKA have now discarded the results apart from 2020 onwards.
These were the links, which can be traced on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine

2007Norwich Union World Trials & UK Championships
2008Aviva UK Championships & Olympic Trials
2009Aviva World Trials and UK Championships
2010Aviva European Trials and UK Championships
2011Aviva UK Trials and Championships
2012Aviva 2012 Trials
2013Sainsbury's British Championships
2014Sainsbury's British Championships
2015Sainsbury's British Championships
2016The British Championships
2017World Championship Team Trials
2018Müller British Athletics Championships
2019Müller British Athletics Championships
2020Müller British Athletics Championships
2021Müller British Athletics Championships
2022Müller UK Athletics Championships