AAA and National Championships Medallists - 100 yards and 100 metres

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100 Yards

AAC Championships
1866Thomas Colmore10½Robert Vidal6 inchesWilliam Collett½ yd
1867John Ridley10¾William Collett1 ydRobert Vidal1 ft
1868William Tennent10.2Edward Colbeck1 ftWilliam MacLaren1½ yd
(Note: 1h1 William Tennent 10.0w would have equalled the WR)
1869John Wilson10.4Edmund Loder1 ydJohn Haguelevel
(Run-off for second place: 1. Loder 10.4, 2. Hague 1 ft)
1870Alfred Baker10.2Francis Philpott1 ftEdward Colbeck½ yd
1871John Wilson10.4Jenner Davies2 ydThomas Hooman2 yd
1872William Dawson10.5Robert Philpot2½ ydGeorge Johnstone1½ yd
1873John Potter10.4Alfred Oldfield½ ydGeorge Johnstone4 ft
1874Jenner Davies10.5John Potter1 ftAlfred Pearsoninches
1875John Potter10.6H. Lucas6 ins - ½ ydWilliam Bedford6 inches
1876Montague Shearman10.6Edward Salmon¾ ydJenner Davies
1877Henry MacDougall10.4Edward Salmon1 ftErnest Trepplin1 yd
1878Louis Junker RUS10.2Gerald Spencer2½ ydHenry MacDougall1 yd
1879AACMelville Portal10.6Edgar Storey1 ftEdward Lucas2 yd
1879LACCharles Lockton10.2Henry Allan2½ ydHorace Crossleyclose
AAA Championships
1880William Phillips10.2Charles Lockton½ ydHerbert Masseyinches
1881William Phillips10.2James Cowie½ ydRichard Shaw6 ins
1882William Phillips10.2James Cowie½ ydThomas Malone IRE2½-3 yd
1883James Cowie10.2Herbert Chadwick1½ ydC.Y. Bedford1 yd
1884James Cowie10.2Charles WoodinchesRichard Shaw¾-1½ yd
1885James Cowie10.4Lynton Smith USA2-3 ydN.W. Howard McLean2 yd
1886Arthur Wharton10.0 =WRCharles Wood1 ydFrank Ritchie1 ft
(1h3 Arthur Wharton 10.0 CB =WR)
1887Arthur Wharton10.1Charles Wood½ ydHerbert Fletcher
1888Frederick Westing USA10.2Alfred Vigne IRE¾ ydFrank Ritchie½ yd
1889Ernest Pelling10.4Monte Billimore1 ydJ.F. Veneer1 yd
1890Norman Morgan IRE10.4E.E. Parlby1 ftH. Beswick1 ft
1891Luther Cary USA10.2E. Kirkwood House3 ydWilliam Seward½ yd
1892Charles Bradley10.2Hugh Bell2 ydDaniel Bulger IRE1 yd
1893Charles Bradley10.0 =NRHugh Bell4 ydonly 2 competitors
1894Charles Bradley10.2Max Wittenberg3½ ydCharles Thomas1½ yd
1895Charles Bradley10.0 =NRAlfred Downer1½ ydMax Wittenberg1 yd
1896Norman Morgan IRE10.4Max Wittenberg1½ ydCharles Thomas
1897J.H. Palmer10.8Henry Woodyatt1 ftLeonard Tremeer½ yd
1898Frederick Cooper10.0 =NRNorman Morgan IREinchesReginald Wadsleyinches
(1h Reginald Wadsley 10.0 =CB =NR)
1899Reginald Wadsley10.2Claude Jupp½ ydFrederick Cooper2 yd
1900Arthur Duffey USA10.0Frank Jarvis USA½ ydJohn Tewksbury USAinches
1901Arthur Duffey USA10.0Reginald Wadsley3 ydDenis Murray IREinches
(1h1 Denis Murray IRE 10.0 =CB =NR)
1902Arthur Duffey USA10.0Reginald Wadsley1 ydDenis Murray IRE2 ft
1903Arthur Duffey USA10.0F. Rivers2 ydLeonard Tremeer½ yd
1904John Morton10.0Arthur Duffey USAinchesClaude Jupp1 ft
1905John Morton10.2James Stark2½ ydHarold Watson½ yd
1906John Morton10.4Denis Murray IRE1½ ydWyndham Halswelle1 ft
1907John Morton10.8Nathaniel Cartmell USA1 ftDenis Murray IRE½ yd
1908Robert Kerr CAN10.0Reginald Walker RSA1 ydJohn Mortoninches
1909Reginald Walker RSA10.0Nathaniel Cartmell USA1 ftRobert Kerr CAN6 ins
(Best GB: 4. M. Chapman)
1910Frederick Ramsdell USA10.4Reginald Walker RSA1 ftWilliam Applegarth2 yd
1911Frederick Ramsdell USA10.4Victor d'Arcy½ ydWilliam Stewart AUS1 yd
1912George Patching RSA9.8William Applegarth1½ ydWilliam Stewart AUS½ yd
1913William Applegarth10.0James Barker1½ ydWilliam Stewart AUS1 ft
1914William Applegarth10.0Clive Taylor2 ftVictor d'Arcy2 yd
1915-1918 Championships not held
1919William Hill10.0Jack Lindsay NZL½ ydVictor d'Arcyinches
1920Harry Edward10.0William Hill½ ydJustus Oosterlaak RSA1 ft
1921Harry Edward10.2Harold Abrahams½ ydWilliam Hill1 ft
1922Harry Edward10.0Lancelot Royle2 ftChristiaan Steyn RSA1 ft
1923Eric Liddell9.7 NRWilliam Nichol2 ftThomas Matthewman1 ft
(1s Eric Liddell 9.8 =CB =NR)
1924Harold Abrahams9.9William Nichol1½ ydLancelot Royle1 yd
1925Loren Murchison USA9.9Valéry Théard HAI½ ydWalter Rangeleyinches
1926Richard Corts GER10.0Jack London½ ydHelmut Körnig GERinches
1927Helmut Körnig GER10.1Hubert Houben GER1 ftHarold Hodge1½-2 yd
1928Wilfred Legg RSA9.9Helmut Körnig GER1 ydFriedrich Wichman GERinches
(Best UK: 4. John London)
1929Jack London10.0William Simmons1½ ydEdgardo Toetti ITA1 ft
1930Christiaan Berger NED9.9Edgardo Toetti ITAinchesStanley Engelhart1 yd
1931Ernest Page10.0Frederick ReidinchesEdgardo Toetti ITAinches
1932Frederick Reid9.9Ernest PageinchesStanley Fuller1 ft
1933George Saunders9.9Christiaan Berger NED1 ftArthur Jonath GERinches
1934Jozsef Sir HUN9.9Arthur SweeneyinchesChristiaan Berger NED1 ft
1935Arthur Sweeney10.2Martinus Osendarp NED1 ftJozsef Sir HUN½ yd
1936Martinus Osendarp NED9.8Arthur Sweeney9.8Cyril Holmes9.9
1937Cyril Holmes9.9Arthur Sweeney1 ydErnest Page2 ft
1938Martinus Osendarp NED9.8Orazio Mariani ITA1 yd - 4 ftMaurice Scarr1 ft - ½ yd
1939Arthur Sweeney9.9Cyril HolmesinchesJohn Cumberbatch TRI2 ft
1940-1945 Championships not held
1946McDonald Bailey GBR/TRI9.8Jack Archer10.1Bert Liffen10.1
1947McDonald Bailey GBR/TRI9.7John Wilkinson10.0Jack Gregory10.0
1948John Treloar AUS9.8Alistair McCorquodale1 ydMcDonald Bailey GBR/TRI2ft
1949McDonald Bailey GBR/TRI9.7Leslie Laing GBR/JAM9.8Jack Archer9.9
1950McDonald Bailey GBR/TRI9.9John Wilkinson10.2Alan Grieve10.3
1951McDonald Bailey GBR/TRI9.6 =NRBrian Shenton9.8George Ellis10.0
(1h1 and 1s1 McDonald Bailey GBR/TRI 9.6 =NR CB)
1952McDonald Bailey GBR/TRI9.6 =NRAlan Lillington9.9Brian Shenton10.0
1953McDonald Bailey GBR/TRI9.8Karim Olowu NGR10.0Orien Young10.2
1954George Ellis9.9Karim Olowu NGR9.9Kenneth Box9.9
1955Roy Sandstrom10.0Ion Wiesenmayer ROU10.1Alan Thomas10.1
1956John Young9.9Titus Erinle NGR9.9Roy Sandstrom10.0
1957Kenneth Box10.0Adrian Breacker10.0Charlie Williams10.1
1958James Omagbemi NGR9.9Maurice Rae NZL9.9Mike Agostini TRI9.9
(Best UK: 4. Ron Jones 10.0)
1959Peter Radford9.7wJames Omagbemi NGR9.7wRon Jones9.9w
19600.1Peter Radford9.62 NR
auto WR
David Jones9.70Nick Whitehead9.80
1961-0.6Harry Jerome CAN9.63Seraphino Antao KEN9.84David Jones9.89
1962-1.4Seraphino Antao KEN9.8Peter Radford9.9Berwyn Jones9.9
19631.9Berwyn Jones9.71Larry Questad USA9.74Ron Jones9.76
19641.7Enrique Figuerola CUB9.66Lynn Davies9.7Seraphino Antao KEN9.7
19650.0Enrique Figuerola CUB9.64Barrie Kelly9.84Menzies Campbell9.96
19660.1Paul Nash RSA9.62Wieslaw Maniak POL9.70Barrie Kelly9.74
1967-1.0Barrie Kelly9.91Ron Jones9.92Haris Aivaliotis GRE9.95
19680.0Paul Nash RSA9.87Ron Jones9.92Barrie Kelly9.94

100 Metres

19690.0Ron Jones10.7Don Halliday10.7Ian Green10.7
19703.1Gary Symonds BER10.3wBrian Green10.4wIan Green10.5w
1971-2.1Brian Green10.57Les Piggot10.81Don Halliday10.90
19722.5Vasilios Papageorgopoulos GRE10.16wBrian Green10.35wLes Piggot10.36w
19730.4Don Halliday10.60Brian Green10.63Les Piggot10.69
19742.9Steve Williams USA10.16wDon Halliday10.42wBrian Green10.45w
19750.4Steve Riddick USA10.39Ainsley Bennett10.50Dave Roberts10.65
19760.2Don Quarrie JAM10.42Allan Wells10.62Mike McFarlane10.69
1977-1.3Clancy Edwards USA10.48Charlie Wells USA10.65Tim Bonsor10.74
1978-1.0James Sanford USA10.42Guy Abrahams PAN10.53Ernest Obeng GHA10.67
(Best UK: 4. Mike McFarlane 10.71)
1979-0.9Clancy Edwards USA10.35Mike McFarlane10.43Eddie Cutting10.46
1980-1.1Allan Wells10.36Don Quarrie JAM10.57Mike McFarlane10.60
19810.0Mel Lattany USA10.24Ernest Obeng GHA10.27Drew McMaster10.45
19821.3Cameron Sharp10.31Jim Evans10.46Paul Narracott AUS10.50
1983-1.8Calvin Smith USA10.30Allan Wells10.34Paul Narracott AUS10.43
19840.1Donovan Reid10.42Linford Christie10.48Eddie Cutting10.49
1985-1.4Ernest Obeng (now GBR)10.44Darwin Cook USA10.45Chidi Imoh NGR10.46
19861.7Linford Christie10.22Mike McFarlane10.26Daley Thompson10.34
19870.6Dwayne Evans USA10.33John Regis10.37Allan Wells10.39
19881.3Linford Christie10.15John Regis10.31Barrington Williams10.34
1989-0.7Linford Christie10.16Marcus Adam10.34John Regis10.39
19902.5Calvin Smith USA10.21wLinford Christie10.21wDarren Braithwaite10.25w
19910.3Linford Christie10.14John Regis10.22Michael Rosswess10.25
1992-0.4Linford Christie10.09Jason Livingston10.30Marcus Adam10.36
19931.0Linford Christie10.13Dean Capobianco AUS10.25John Regis10.32
19943.7Linford Christie9.91wToby Box10.07wMichael Rosswess10.07w
1995-1.2Darren Braithwaite10.33Jason John10.34Darren Campbell10.37
(Linford Christie won as a guest in 10.18)
19960.1Linford Christie10.04Darren Braithwaite10.25Ian Mackie10.26
1997-1.4 BAFIan Mackie10.28Darren Campbell10.29Dwain Chambers10.42
19970.9  AAAJason Gardener10.31Jason Livingston10.38Josephus Thomas SLE10.42
1998-1.7Darren Campbell10.22Dwain Chambers10.23Marlon Devonish10.26
19992.3Jason Gardener10.02wDwain Chambers10.07wDarren Campbell10.18w
2000-0.8Dwain Chambers10.11Darren Campbell10.12Mark Lewis-Francis10.24
20011.7Dwain Chambers10.01Mark Lewis-Francis10.12Christian Malcolm10.21
20021.9Mark Lewis-Francis10.06Darren Campbell10.11Jason Gardener10.13
2003-1.6Darren Campbell10.19Mark Lewis-Francis10.25Jason Gardener10.33
(Dwain Chambers originally won in 10.08, but was later disqualified for a doping violation)
2004-1.2Jason Gardener10.22Darren Campbell10.23Mark Lewis-Francis10.24
2005-1.0Jason Gardener10.26Mark Lewis-Francis10.30Christian Malcolm10.35
20061.0Marlon Devonish10.19Tyrone Edgar10.23Mark Lewis-Francis10.28
National Championships
2007-2.0Marlon Devonish10.31Craig Pickering10.32Mark Lewis-Francis10.39
20081.6Dwain Chambers10.00Simeon Williamson10.03Craig Pickering10.19
2009-1.8Simeon Williamson10.05Dwain Chambers10.22Tyrone Edgar10.28
2010-0.6Dwain Chambers10.14James Dasaolu10.23Marlon Devonish10.34
20111.2Dwain Chambers10.09Harry Aikines-Aryeetey10.14Marlon Devonish10.14
2012-0.1Dwain Chambers10.25Adam Gemili10.29James Dasaolu10.31
20131.9Dwain Chambers10.04Harry Aikines-Aryeetey10.08Andrew Robertson10.14
(1s2 (1.1) James Dasaolu 9.91 CB)
20140.3Dwain Chambers10.12Harry Aikines-Aryeetey10.14Chijindu Ujah10.18
2015-0.6Chijindu Ujah10.10James Dasaolu10.24Ojie Edoburun10.27
20163.0James Dasaolu9.93wJames Ellington9.96wChijindu Ujah9.97w
20170.0Reece Prescod10.09James Dasaolu10.11Harry Aikines-Aryeetey10.20
20180.0Reece Prescod10.06Zharnel Hughes10.13Chijindu Ujah10.18
2019-1.9Ojie Edoburun10.18Adam Gemili10.18Zharnel Hughes10.18
20201.2Harry Aikines-Aryeetey10.35Ojie Edoburun10.43Tommy Ramdhan10.44
2021-0.4Chijindu Ujah10.05Eugene Amo-Dadzie10.27Jona Efoloko10.30
20222.5Jeremiah Azu9.90wReece Prescod9.94wZharnel Hughes9.97w

Top Medallists
1st2nd3rdTotal MedalsYearsYear Span
Dwain Chambers831121997-201417
Linford Christie82101984-199612
McDonald Bailey GBR/TRI7181946-19537
Darren Campbell24281995-20049
Mark Lewis-Francis13482000-20077
Arthur Duffey USA4151900-19044
John Morton4151904-19084
James Cowie3251881-18854
Jason Gardener3251999-20056
Arthur Sweeney2351934-19395
Marlon Devonish2351998-201113
Brian Green13151970-19744
James Dasaolu13152010-20177
Harry Aikines-Aryeetey13152011-20209
Ron Jones12251959-196910
John Regis3251987-19936
Other top winners and longest spans
Charles Bradley441892-18953
Allan Wells12141976-198711
Mike McFarlane2241976-198610
William Phillips331880-18822
Harry Edward331920-19222

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