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This is the quarterly bulletin of the NUTS which has been published since 1963. It was originally named NUTS Notes and changed its name to Track Stats in 1982. It is an A5 booklet with usually 64 pages per edition. Its coverage extends to the history and statistics of athletics worldwide, and ideas for articles are welcomed by the editor. To subscribe, you simply need to join the NUTS.

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Forthcoming Articles for 2020

The cut-price 1920 Antwerp Olympics. The late Neil Allen's account of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Pioneering hurdler Charles Daft. Reg Toone, World War II sprint discovery. Stan Greenberg's 1970 highlights. Joe Birkett, Port Sunlight's soap-factory pole vaulter. More all-time rankings from Trevor Clowes. The Swedish Relays – 1-2-3-4, 4-3-2-1.

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2019 Editions

Volume 57, No. 4, November 2019

  • Editorial Comment: Zango! It takes two to Tamgho
  • Andrew Sheridan: Irish American discus record-breaker of the early 20th century
  • Part I – A question of nationality - Colm Murphy
  • Part II – His year of greatest success - Oscar Vecchi
  • Recently discovered, an encyclopaedia. A tribute to Peter R. Pozzoli - John W. Brant
  • The versatile career of Chi Cheng - Thomas S. Hurst
  • A nice cup of tea in the morning. The family connections of Olympic hurdler Jack Densham - The Editor
  • "More fun out of racing than any other man" (Leonard Tremeer) - The Editor
  • A tale of Hoi Long and the Lusophone Games
  • Colin Jackson, the best in Britain. In fact, the best everywhere there is to be (All-Time rankings for the high hurdles) - Trevor Clowes
  • Amid the dust, heat and noise of the industrial North, the upbringing of a champion runner (Ernie Harper) - Neil Shuttleworth
  • Arthur Sewell: praised as Yorkshire's anonymous "young stayer of the first order" - Neil Shuttleworth
  • A trail of glassy-eyed casualties in the heat-wave chaos of the Paris Olympics
  • cross-country race - Neil Shuttleworth, The Editor
  • The greatest long jumper of the 19th century ... but who was to know? (John Howard) - The Editor
  • J.R. Langridge is tracked down. Not in Surrey, but in Sussex, Bedfordshire, Essex – and Africa! - John Edwards
  • Exotic Olympians from the "land of voodoo", but was it Haiti or was it Tahiti? (Silvio Cator and André Théard) - Don M. Groome
  • Athletes don't like Mondays, but Yelena, Anita and Jackie like every day of the week! (Records for days of the week, field events) - Stuart Mazdon
  • Only 10 minutes to the start of the "Dream Mile", but first there comes the man of Steele (Martin Steele and the Editor recall the 1993 Bislett Games 800 metres)
  • Book Review: Richard Amery's "The Five and Ten Men"
  • Waiting for the big throw before all eyes turn away. Memories of Edmund Piatkowski - Ryszard Kapuscinski

Volume 57, No. 3, August 2019

  • Editorial Comment: No back-stop to a keen Anglo-Irish rivalry
  • Hyde found! At last the mysterious Army discus-thrower is all present and correct (Harry Hyde) - John Edwards
  • Deeley is discovered! Reid is revealed! But who was the steeplechasing sailor? (Harry Deeley, Charles Reid, J.E. Edwards) - Bob Phillips, John Edwards
  • Don Thompson, heat-wave hero of Rome, still No.1 after more than half-a-century (All-time 50 kilometres walk rankings) - Trevor Clowes
  • … And Herriott, too, remains the best of British after 50 years, but Kenyans lead the world (All-time steeplechase rankings) - Trevor Clowes
  • Denied his Olympic chance, the bohemian in conservative pre-war Finnish society (Taisto Mäki, Part II) - Richard Amery
  • The career of Taisto Mäki in statistical detail - Stuart Mazdon
  • Women's 4 x 200, 4 x 800, 4 x 1500 metres relays: All-time lists - Miguel Villaseñor
  • 1500 metres in 3:33.0 and the mile in 3:50.0 – a rare measure of success (British miling) - Mike Dagg-Jenden
  • How Brian Treacy ran his unique sub-four
  • Mark 10.3 for the Flying Officer taking off along the super-fast people's highway (Roy Sandstrom) - Bob Phillips
  • Book Reviews (the ATFS International Athletics Annual) - Bob Phillips, Richard Hymans
  • My days of slaving over a hot Gestetner - Stan Greenberg
  • The complex issue of the 1912 USA team and the Olympic entry forms - Rooney Magnusson
  • Edwin Hubble – a man of romance, at least regarding boxing? - Rooney Magnusson
  • Taking the long chances, the pole-vaulting "Eagle" who gave up his fortune – and his life – for liberty (Fuller Patterson) - Bob Phillips
  • Mad dogs and an Englishman who goes out in the Hong Kong midday sun. The missing British track records of 1957 (Bob Pape) - Bob Phillips
  • "No long-jump pit. So I made my own" – memories of the late Roy Cruttenden
  • Throwing Things: the antecedents of the shot, discus, hammer and javelin - Dr Chris Thorne
  • “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better”. Best track marks for days of the week - Stan Greenberg, Stuart Mazdon
  • Crystal Palace 62 Liverpool 0! Best sub-four-minute miles, county by county ... and spot the missing ones! - Thomas S. Hurst

Volume 57, No. 2, April 2019

  • Editorial Comment: In search of H.M. Deeley. But which H.M. Deeley?

      Athletics in the 1920s Edited by Bob Phillips

  • England’s first matches against France after World War I - Neil Shuttleworth
  • The high-jump cadet in the England team (Frank Nuttall)
  • Boxer, cricketer, diver, fencer, gymnast, rugby player … and an occasional
  • GB discus-thrower (Kenneth Jefferson)
  • Star of the silent screen and the shot circle (Raoul Paoli)
  • A bitter experience on his only GB showing (Percy Sweet)
  • Business sponsorship from London's East End – but spurned by the hierarchy (Ted Vowles)
  • Nihill, Matthews, Vickers, Lisa Langford – still Britain's best 20 kilometres walkers (All-Time Rankings) - Trevor Clowes
  • Denied his Olympic chance, the least known of the great Finnish distance-runners (Taisto Mäki) - Richard Amery
  • Rock around the clock: Britain's "ghost" runners on the streets of Berlin - The Editor
  • "Don't go yet. Here’s your winner's medal" (Denis Field) - The Editor
  • The pleasures of running, according to a great American poet (Richard Wilbur) - John Cobley
  • World records for Curtis Mills, Paolo Pigni, Vladimir Dudin … and a couple for Great Britain (1969 remembered) - Stan Greenberg
  • The "Glasgow Boys" painted out of the picture (2019 European Indoor Championships) - The Editor
  • Actual or virtual? A host of lost track medallists from the "Chariots of Fire" Games - The Editor
  • Who was J. Hatton? The true identity revealed of a 1920 British Olympic distance-runner (John Hatton) - Peter Lovesey
  • Ireland's disputed athletics organisation: setting the proper boundaries - Cyril J. Smyth
  • Happy afternoons reminiscing, and some secrets suspected and others discovered (Women's athletics pre-World War II) - John W. Brant
  • Shot-putter, Star-gazer. The life of Edwin Hubble, astronomer and athlete - Neil Shuttleworth
  • Cover story: British records at the White City international match that never was - The Editor
  • Spyridon Louis. A champion or a cheat? - Peter Lovesey
  • A surgeon and a station-master revive memories of the striders of Croxley Green - The Editor
  • "Post-War Athletics 1946-1970" by Stephen Sprague, book review - Stuart Mazdon
  • "British Athletics 2019" and the NUTS AGM

Volume 57, No. 1, February 2019

  • Editorial Comment: Plimsolls re-trodden, but who foots the bill?
  • Modern girls. "Wild, emotionally disturbed, fanatic". But running on regardless (Lillian Styles) - Bob Phillips
  • Sally 1, Paula 2, Kelly 3. The leading British women athletes of all-time - Trevor Clowes
  • When Anglo-German rivalry was put back on track, batons in hand (AAA Championships relays 1951)
  • "Splendid opportunities for versatile sporting girls". A young German invited to London – and then a life in refuge (Martha Jacob)
  • "Owd Joe", the "Trojan" and "Jumping Jim". A Northern town’s Olympic legacy - Neil Shuttleworth
  • The "heavy men" alongside the Harriers - Neil Shuttleworth
  • Lynn Davies at 76. Time for the reflections of "a mere mortal long jumper" - Clive Williams
  • The career of Lynn Davies: 163 long-jump competitions, 108 wins, plus sprints galore! - Thomas S. Hurst, Stuart Mazdon
  • Far from the crush of the crowds and the turmoil of the tracks, the sun no longer shines (George Cummings) - Alan Hoby
  • On the dark side of the moonlight: the story of a daring Olympian, J.H.P. Campbell - Bob Phillips
  • Dr Bertie, waiting for the call as the legendary Irish hammer elite gather (Bertie Healion) - Bob Phillips
  • How British athletes continued competing internationally during World War II
  • Book Review: Rob Hadgraft’s biography of Sydney Wooderson
  • The destiny of W.D. Anderson – gone to the Golden West? - Peter Lovesey, Arnold Black, Tomas Magnusson
  • The complex life of Oswald Groenings - John Edwards
  • Javelin-throwing before World War I - Rooney Magnusson
  • The first official records in Britain, “upon which Scotchmen can congratulate themselves”
  • Charles Wood, gentleman farmer and record-breaking sprinter of the 1880s
  • IAAF World Rankings – could be done better - Stuart Mazdon

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