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This is the quarterly bulletin of the NUTS which has been published since 1963. It was originally named NUTS Notes and changed its name to Track Stats in 1982. It is an A5 booklet with usually 64 pages per edition. Its coverage extends to the history and statistics of athletics worldwide, and ideas for articles are welcomed by the editor. To subscribe, you simply need to join the NUTS.

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Dick McDonald's neglected legacy, the early days of fibre-glass pole vaulting ... Jerzy Kordas, the Polish refugee hammer thrower denied Olympic selection ... Asnoldo Devonish, the first Olympic medallist for Venezuela ... Walt Ashbaugh and "Flash" Gourdine, high flyers in Helsinki ... "Knocker" White, following Finlay's footsteps ... Ron Hill, his 115 marathons ... John Horsfall, an Australian at the European Championships.

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Volume 59, No. 4, October 2021

      Olympics; the afterthoughts

  • Editorial comment: Yulimar, just watch Janja flying on the wall!
  • How world records compare, based on the Hungarian Scoring Tables
  • On the busy road to Birmingham. How the Commonwealth fared in Tokyo - Stan Greenberg
  • 4th place at the Games. How close can you get? Disappointed? Delighted?
  • The emergence of athletes of the Third Millennium - Mike Dagg-Jenden
  • The side-show in the life of the Calcutta Ranger - India's first Olympic medallist (Norman Pritchard)
  • Ernest Obiena's distant legacy . and Jasmine stirs memories of Amadeo Francis
  • Two 1920s distance "stars" - Cotterell and Muggridge. Not Cottrell and Muggeridge - John Edwards
  • Marathons galore! But not too many of the Olympic variety on the rain-swept roads of Britain 70 years ago
  • The Marathon Part III - The Fantasy 40km. Progress through the years - Mike Dagg-Jenden
  • Ron Hill's career in statistics - Neil Shuttleworth
  • My favourite type of runner. What magnificent races, superb champions! - Colin Young
  • 300 laps a day round the ship's deck. How the Durban orphan prepared to beat Newton's record (Hardy Ballington) - Andy Milroy
  • The unappreciated double topping by Rojas to the triple helping of Devonish cream (Asnoldo Devonish)
  • Hop scotched. Not even the statisticians recognised the triple jump in the USA in the 1950s (Walter Ashbaugh)
  • Innovations of energy. Olympic silver and then 70 inventions to his name (Meredith Gourdine)
  • Dispelling the image of "weather-beaten huskies". The intrepid women athletes of the 1920s and 1930s (John Brant's women internationals book)
  • Sedykh and Wlodarczyk head the hammer and an Irishman leads the Commonwealth (All-time Hammer rankings) - Trevor Clowes
  • A survey of national records in the long distances - Steve Akehurst
  • Yuriy Sedykh and Anatoliy Bondarchuk

Volume 59, No. 3, July 2021

  • Editorial Comment: Convenience sustainability at the Olympics
  • Jim Bausch, the forgotten man. Is he the world's greatest ever decathlete? - Keith Morbey
  • James Audsley - a knowledgeable writer in at the birth of "AW", but who exactly was he? - Bob Phillips
  • The "Bear Inn" at the village of Box in Wiltshire. Where the road-runners gather at three o'clock on a Saturday morning - James Audsley
  • Wally Hayward's 12 marathons in 49 days
  • Much to the liking of the crowd, Harry Hedges, a little known record-breaking miler of the 1930s
  • Just a reminder. It may seem like it happened only yesterday. Actually, it was 50 years ago (Review of 1971) - Stan Greenberg
  • The ultra-distance exploits of England's eccentric chief cheer-leader (Ken Baily) - Bob Phillips
  • Alekna now leads Oerter. Rosemary Payne is still GB's No.1 after almost 50 years (All-Time discus rankings) - Trevor Clowes
  • Striving for the nobler physical ideals. A discus-thrower from Trinidad shakes up British complacency (Roy Hollingsworth) - Bob Phillips
  • Interviewed by Charles Elliott in 1963 (Roy Hollingsworth) - Charles Elliott

      Tokyo 1964

  • A competitor's testimony - Ron Hill
  • A correspondent's perspective - Neil Allen
  • An Editor's overview - Doug Gardner
  • "The Sunrise Express" is a winner in Japan's missing Olympics of 1940
  • The best ever British placings at the Olympic Games, event by event. It's the 800 metres runners who lead the golden way. - Stan Greenberg
  • British-born gold medallists - mostly Irish - for other countries at the Olympics
  • The earliest Championships meeting in Asia
  • Lloyd Valberg, Singapore's first Olympian
  • Over 30 years of active competition for the discus-thrower with the "mark of honour" (David Grigg) - I.E.G. Green
  • "Chariots of Fire". Still blazing after 40 years - Bob Phillips
  • Lord Coe, "the sound track of my youth" which became a lifetime passion - Bob Phillips
  • Presto! Presto! Prestissimo! The concert violinist with a vibrant athletic string to her bow (Valerie Ball/Winn)
  • A survey of national records in the middle distances - Steve Akehurst
  • Book Review ("The Fastest Men On Earth")
  • The locksmith who turned the key towards triple jump perfection (Józef Schmidt) - Richard Szreter, Stuart Mazdon
  • Book Publication ("United Kingdom Female International Athletes 1921-1939")

Volume 59, No. 2, May 2021

  • Editorial Comment: Is anyone looking for the missing 26 thousand?
  • Reluctantly veering into the "show business line of country". The squash rackets champion who set the pace in reporting women's athletics (Susan Noel) - Bob Phillips
  • News of "The Athletics Museum" - Jane Ainsworth
  • Robert Starkey. Some more notes - Ian Tempest
  • "Sorry, Archie, you can't compete but have a few throws, anyway". and Archie, aged 18, breaks the world record (Archie Harris) - Bob Phillips
  • Andrew Watson, the first noted black high jumper - Dr Chris Thorne
  • The Big Shots: still Parry O'Brien, Geoff Capes & Judy Oakes set the standard (All-time shot put rankings) - Trevor Clowes
  • Tom Kirkwood. A great British shot putter, but why did he miss the Olympics? - John W. Keddie & Peter Lovesey
  • Pfizer's penicillin provider. The scientist who measured stride length to the very last half-inch (Jack Barnes) - Bob Phillips & John Edwards
  • Ever in Lord Burghley's shadow, a talent soon grievously lost (Alec Palmer) - Bob Phillips & John Edwards
  • Germany 246, Great Britain 244, Russia 207 (European Cup & Team Championships points scores) - Trevor Clowes
  • Charles Bennett. The way in which his real identity was discovered at last after 120 years - Ian Morrison, Bill Mallon, Walt Murphy, Rob Gilmore, Taavi Kalju
  • The marathon's "London Distance" mania, part II, 1908 to 1913, a statistical summary - Mike Dagg-Jenden
  • Pish-Tush of the comic opera sets records to last a seriously long time (Lindsay Cullen and Malaysian athletics) - Bob Phillips
  • The Major's epitaph. So near to and yet so far from an Olympic medal (J.J. Abbott) - John Edwards
  • Louise Stokes, "The Malden Meteor", the first Afro-American woman to win an AAU title - Bob Phillips
  • "Arthur Wint loped round and I realised I wasn't as good as I thought I was" (Frank Evans)
  • Book Reviews (Peter Lovesey's "The Finisher", John W. Keddie's Scottish Olympians, Clive Williams's Cardiff's days of glory, Michael & Elizabeth Sheridan's "British Athletics 1955") - Bob Phillips & Ian Tempest
  • A survey of national records in the sprints - Steve Akehurst
  • An Irish javelin record revealed - Colm Murphy
  • Foreign coaching on request in England and Scotland as the threat of war looms (Inez Sweeting)

Volume 59, No. 1, March 2021

  • Editorial Comment: Only one regret. Missing a meeting with Nurmi
  • The fashion and beauty expert from Selfridge's who adorned the formative years of women's athletics (Violet Cambridge/Wall) - The Editor
  • 800 metres and 880 yards: a chronology with a difference - Jacques Carmelli
  • The Marathon's "London Distance". What was all the fuss about? Part I - Mike Dagg-Jenden
  • A correction. The true identity of J. Hatton, the 1920 Olympian - Peter Lovesey
  • ...And the "Shapwick Express" is shunted into the sidings (Charles Bennett) - Peter Lovesey
  • Oxford sprinters, Kentish high jumpers. More early women's marks - John W. Brant
  • No cartwheeling, by law! But the marine Corporal restores order in the circle (John Savidge) - The Editor
  • In the years between the World Wars, the Australian athletes who competed for GB
  • Battle of Britain hero, friend of Nevil Shute (Alan Bandidt) - The Editor
  • Cross-country, marathon, parkrun...always Ranelagh to the fore - Steve Rowland
  • Bringing home the Bacon (Fred Bacon's one hour record) - Keith Morbey
  • Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, Edwards!!!! Top of every all-time list
  • (Triple jump rankings) - Trevor Clowes
  • Early Irish/GB internationals. More about Miller and the Barrett brothers - Colm Murphy
  • Javelin throwers needed! Call the Army (R.K. Starkey and others) - John Edwards
  • Llewellyn Atcherley, a sprint record-breaker of the 1890s on tour in Germany - The Editor, Manfred Holzhausen
  • My days of National Service, occasionally diverted by Ibbotson and the Busby Babes - Keith Morbey
  • Having a lovely time in Mauritius. Glad we were there - Stan Greenberg
  • "My goodness! That girl jumped so high!" How a woman reporter spotted a future champion (Dora Lurie)
  • Gerald Foster's excursion to England reassessed. Olympic trials or tribulations? - John Edwards
  • Remembering Paul Nihill. Strong impressions, but there was some depression, too - Ian Brooks
  • These boots are made for walking, says the man from South Shields (Tommy Payne) - Eddie Almond
  • A survey of national records in the jumping events - Steve Akehurst
  • Bill Nankeville (24 Mar 1925 - 8 January 2021) photos

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