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This is the quarterly bulletin of the NUTS which has been published since 1963. It was originally named NUTS Notes and changed its name to Track Stats in 1982. It is an A5 booklet with usually 64 pages per edition. Its coverage extends to the history and statistics of athletics worldwide, and ideas for articles are welcomed by the editor. To subscribe, you simply need to join the NUTS.

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Forthcoming Articles for 2019

aisto Maki, the most neglected of the “Flying Finns” - Joe Birkett, pole-vaulting pioneer courtesy of Lever Brothers - The “lost” medallists of the 1924 Olympic Games - Raoul Paoli, international shot-putter and Hollywood screen star - The athletic poeticism of Richard Wilbur - Percy Sweet, international non-finisher but British record-holder - Daniel Mason, New Zealand’s first great miler - Charles Daft, one of Nottingham Forest’s first “scorers” - Joe Birkett and the Port Sunlight pole vault "school" - Career records of Bob Beamon, Ralph Boston, Igor Ter-Ovanesyan - Jem Sherdon, miler of the mid-19th Century - Trevor Clowes continues his all-time ratings

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2019 Editions

Volume 57, No. 1, February 2019

  • Editorial Comment: Plimsolls re-trodden, but who foots the bill?
  • Modern girls. "Wild, emotionally disturbed, fanatic". But running on regardless (Lillian Styles) - Bob Phillips
  • Sally 1, Paula 2, Kelly 3. The leading British women athletes of all-time - Trevor Clowes
  • When Anglo-German rivalry was put back on track, batons in hand (AAA Championships relays 1951)
  • "Splendid opportunities for versatile sporting girls". A young German invited to London – and then a life in refuge (Martha Jacob)
  • "Owd Joe", the "Trojan" and "Jumping Jim". A Northern town’s Olympic legacy - Neil Shuttleworth
  • The "heavy men" alongside the Harriers - Neil Shuttleworth
  • Lynn Davies at 76. Time for the reflections of "a mere mortal long jumper" - Clive Williams
  • The career of Lynn Davies: 163 long-jump competitions, 108 wins, plus sprints galore! - Thomas S. Hurst, Stuart Mazdon
  • Far from the crush of the crowds and the turmoil of the tracks, the sun no longer shines (George Cummings) - Alan Hoby
  • On the dark side of the moonlight: the story of a daring Olympian, J.H.P. Campbell - Bob Phillips
  • Dr Bertie, waiting for the call as the legendary Irish hammer elite gather (Bertie Healion) - Bob Phillips
  • How British athletes continued competing internationally during World War II
  • Book Review: Rob Hadgraft’s biography of Sydney Wooderson
  • The destiny of W.D. Anderson – gone to the Golden West? - Peter Lovesey, Arnold Black, Tomas Magnusson
  • The complex life of Oswald Groenings - John Edwards
  • Javelin-throwing before World War I - Rooney Magnusson
  • The first official records in Britain, “upon which Scotchmen can congratulate themselves”
  • Charles Wood, gentleman farmer and record-breaking sprinter of the 1880s
  • IAAF World Rankings – could be done better - Stuart Mazdon

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