The Sub-4 Chronicle

The Sub-4 Register was initiated by the late Bob Sparks, was continued by Ian R. Smith, and is now maintained by the editor of “Track Stats”. Web pages were prepared by Bob Sparks in 2002, and can still be found on Bob Sparks's Web Site or on The Internet Archive. Updated information on the Sub-4 chronicle is regularly provided in Track Stats, including the following articles since 2002:

  • Sub-4 Chronicle revisited - Track Stats February 2004, Vol.42 No.1
  • Britain’s sub-4 minute milers - Track Stats June 2004, Vol.42 No.2
  • World’s top 100 milers & sub 3:50 races - Track Stats February 2006, Vol.44 No.1
  • Sub-4 Chronicle revisited - Track Stats February 2007, Vol.45 No.1
  • Sub-4 Chronicle revisited - Track Stats March 2009, Vol.47 No.1

Sub-4 Alphabetic Register as at 23-Apr-2019 (189 KB) updated by Bob Phillips

Registration in Date Sequence up to 2002

Note other articles on Sub-4 in Track Stats:

  • Four minute milers, Vol.32 No.4, Vol.33 No.1
  • Ireland's four minute milers, Vol.33 No.1
  • Junior four minute milers, Vol.32 No.4, Vol.39 No.3
  • USA's sub 4 minute milers, Vol.38 No.3
  • Shadows of the Four-Minute Mile, Special, Vol.52 No.2

see also the Index to Track Stats Volumes 31-46

These pages have been compiled from A.T.F.S. and N.U.T.S. sources, with the particular assistance of Ian R. Smith.